Top five cities situated on the banks of River Niger

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The river Niger is the  longest river in West Africa with the length of 2,600 miles (4,200km).the river has several names in it course, it is called Joliba (means great river) in its upper course, the Mayo Balleo and the Isa Eghirren in its central reach; and kwarra in Hausa in it lower stretch. Great civilisations have risen and fallen along this great river course. The river which was a mystery to the outside world attracted many expeditions along it course till the lander brothers solved the puzzle by discovering that the mouth of the river was the famous oil rivers located at the Niger delta.


This is the largest city on the Niger River, and the administrative, cultural and economic centre and capital of Niger Republic. This beautiful city is divided by the river , and the northern and southern banks are connected by the Kennedy Bridge.Niamey offer diverse tourist options within and outskirts of it perimeters.



Bamako is  the capital and also the largest city in Mali.It is listed as the seventh largest West African Urban centre and it is situated on the Niger River floodplain, this bustling city host large markets,botanical and zoological gardens and several arts communities.



Onitsha is a city situated at the eastern banks of the Niger River in Anambra state, Nigeria. Onitsha is famous for being an economic and industrial hub in Nigeria and the river Niger landmark bridge; it hosts one of the biggest markets in Africa and largest inland port in Nigeria.

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Timbuktu is an ancient city located north of Niger River in Mali. This ancient city was one of the major trans-Saharan caravan trade routes, it was a major learning ,cultural and religious centre during the Malian empire, it is now designated a UNESCO world heritage site for it ancients monuments.



Lokoja  is the capital of kogi state situated in Nigeria,it is also  the confluence of the two great rivers of west Africa, the Niger river and the river Benue. The famous Mount Patti, Lord Lugard guest house and several other tourist sites are located within Lokoja.  This historic city is the gateway to both south west and northern Nigeria, no wonder it was a convenient location for Lord Lugard to administer Nigeria after its amalgamation.


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