Sami Tunji: Life in transit

 Sami Tunji: Life in transit



My interest in travel started a long time ago. I have always wanted to move from one place to another, and I have lived life in a transit. Born in Karmo Abuja, where I did my primary school; moved to the outskirts of Abuja, precisely New-Nyanya in Nasarawa state, where I did my secondary school; got admission into the University of Lagos; got posted to Jos; and currently living in Ibadan. So I have always been on the move as the boy in transit, never staying for too long in a place. I guess adventure is my calling.


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So I started living the dream fully around April this year, visiting about 5 tourist sites in Jos, before moving to other cities like Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu and Lagos.


              Top tourist sites he has visited in Nigeria


I’m not sure what qualifies a place as top, but I have visited the Assop Waterfalls and Kurra Falls in Jos amongst other places. I have also climbed Sherri Hills in Jos. I have been to Erin Ijesha, Olumirin Waterfalls, Osun state and got to the seventh level on my first visit. I have been to the suspended lake at Ado Awaiye twice. In fact, I’m organizing a two-day outdoor fun camp there this December. I have been to Olumo Rocks in Abeokuta. I have been to Omu Resort in Lagos. I have been to Ngwo Pine Forest and Caves in Enugu. And so on.

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         Always on the move


Anyway, I’m hoping to explore the whole 36 states next year as well as visit some African countries, at least 7 African countries.


             Dream destination


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I’m not really sure I have a dream destination, but I would love to stay in a house close to any Caribbean beach.

For now, I’m considering staying for at least 6 months in Barbados hopefully in two years’ time. Honestly, I won’t mind living on any Caribbean Island for the rest of my life.

For now, I don’t think I have any bucket list… I just want to travel anyway and live on a Caribbean Island.



sami tunji/ado awaiye  suspended lake


About Sami


Sami Tunji is a full-time freelance writer, editor and adventurer. He basically reads, writes and travels. He runs a writing agency called Sami’s Ghostwriters and an adventure group called Happinext in Ibadan.


ese is a free spirited human, who is passionate about books,tourism, travel,adventure, food and fashion, she is a journalist by profession, and soon to be celebrated author of her time.

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Ajayi, Seun Francis

I guess one of the most important thing in life is finding one’s passion, after achieving that I believe life will be more meaningful and interesting to live in for such individual.

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Paul Olufemi ADEYEYE

Beautiful! Keep the good work going.

thank you

Ese, you are really doing great in this profession. I love people who are passionate about their vision. Keep the vision going.

thanks dear

Very interesting

yes it is

Nothing succeeds more than a determined spirit, a focused mind and a progressive thought. I’m convinced you’re on the right path to creating a successful career.

You are right and I love it…

When you know who you’re and the purpose of your living. That’s a single key to self awareness in life


Patrick ejike Chibike

Nice write up. Pursue your Passion if it makes you happy

Nice! I have known some interesting places in Nigeria. Keep it up!!

Good job

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