why we can’t get enough of Sade Adu

Style icon:Sade Adu

Every one loves Sade! I can’t vouch for everyone now but back then when she was a hit, it not uncommon to see people shower accolades on her. She is one of the biggest musical exports from Britain, the half Nigerian born singer shot into the limelight in the 80s and since then she has been on and off the music scene,still yet it hasn’t stop the singer and her band in churning out award winning records and sold out tours.

Being a 90s kid, I grew up listening to her songs in the new millennium after her long hiatus. Her single “By you side” normally blared from every black and white TV and radio sets around me. She was simply celebrated over here and a hairstyle, an all-back corn rows was named after her, I still wonder why, since I haven’t seen a picture of her donning any cornrows or braids.

A beauty to behold, a style icon of her time, it incredible that the fashion pieces she donned on decades ago remain timeless. The elegant lady is best known for her signature look and fashion pieces that I will be sharing below.

                           Hooped earrings

 This was one of her statement pieces and she made hooped earring look classy.

                     Slicked back ponytails

The smooth operator crooner is known for her slicked back ponytail which brings attention to her beautiful high forehead, almond shaped eyes and long oval face.         

  Denim on Denim

                     Before   you rock your denim on denim, remember that this style icon was one of those who made it popular. Her denim on denim look will forever remain timeless.

                                 High waist jeans

The leggy beauty rocked beautiful high waist jeans, pants and mum jeans. This was to flaunt her lovely curves and abs.

                             Polo neck

Girl can never go wrong with this fashion piece which accentuates her broad shoulders.

         Bright lipstick

Her signature look of soft kohl lined eyes and bright red lip is a winner anytime.


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Sade Adu is really a rare gem. Wish ladies of nowadays can actually pick one or two good lessons from her.

nice write up

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