Five popular markets to shop in Lagos during the festive period

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I am a fan of open markets because it offers diverse options and it is pocket friendly. I did a market tour on few popular markets in Lagos, and I can proudly tell you which markets offers the best items/ products depending on what you want to buy and remember looking good is all about slaying on a budget.

Balogun market

Balogun market will always be first on my list anytime because you can basically get everything you want there, from household stuffs, to clothing, hair, shoes, bags, cosmetics and so on. The good thing about this market is that most of the items are sold at wholesale prices, so you get to buy more items than in a mall or boutique. During the festive period you can take advantage of the numerous crash sales going on in the market to buy items on discounts.

Trade fair market

I discovered this market recently and I can say am pleased with what I saw. This market is the distribution point for wholesalers on cosmetics, makeup and hair. I was shocked to discover that a hair product I bought for 5000 naira in another market was sold 3000 naira here!  If you want to buy packet hair, wigs, cosmetics and makeup then trade fair market is the best option for you.

Aswani Market

This market is located in isolo and Tuesdays is the designated market day. This market specialises on second hand items fondly called okrika or OK in Nigeria, you can basically buy first grade clothes and shoes for a very low price, but you have to be eagle eyed to source for quality things as there are plenty trash there too. I can recall that one of my friends visited the market based on my recommendations and was disappointed, I had to tell her that the fun of this market is being patience enough to search for quality things , in fact the proverb , the more you look the less you see applies to this market.

Yaba Market

This market is fondly called big girls market; this is because it located close to two higher institutions in Lagos. This market offer higher quality used clothes and shoes at a fair price; in fact some celebrities have spotted buying stuffs there.

Katangua Market

This market is famous for bend down select clothing and stuffs and other household stuffs.  Wednesdays is the designated market day, and that when you can get various items at a cheaper price, unfortunately, I went on a Tuesday and couldn’t buy anything.  


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