For the love of Abacha


I grew a penchant for this dish during my service year in Enugu. I was curious to know why the Igbos couldn’t have enough of it and why the streets and every nook and cranny of the state was flooded by this dish. I had the opportunity to taste Abacha when I was on outing with my backpackers’ friends at Nike Lake and Resorts. It was simply delicious with mild tarty taste, and since then, I have been hooked on this dish to the extent that I know where they sell all the tasty Abachas in Enugu, and my roommates did look forward to those takeaways I usually stuffed in my bag on my way home.




Abacha is called African salad maybe because most of it ingredients are not cooked and it is native to the Igbos, it an eastern desert and it usually served before or after meals. Abacha is made using dried shredded cassava, Ugba, palm oil, dry fish, salt and dry pepper, garnished with onions, utazi, garden eggs and fish or pomo.


If you visiting the east make sure you have a taste of this nutritious and sumptuous dish.




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I love what u’re doing dear. More strength to u

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