Meet me

Ese Felix

(journalist, writer,model,blogger, content developer)

Ese is a daydreamer, a lover of books ,she spend most of her time flitting through pages of books and magazines.

Ese loves travel, she has spent most of her childhood years indoors fantasizing about new lands, people and culture(she has travel everywhere in her mind).

Ese is a trained journalist who believes journalism should be used for change and development.

Ese loves writing, she hopes to be a bestselling author one day, and currently she is writing a priestess story.

Ese loves tourism, she believes in local travel, she likes mingling with natives from any where she travels to, she is of the opinion that ordinary people should be celebrated.

Ese is a story teller, an attributes she got from her beautiful mum, she loves collecting  traditional stories and myths  which she might published someday

Ese believes in a natural organic lifestyle, she is on a natural hair journey.

she has created this blog to connect with people and her passion

you are free to join me on my journey.



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